Captcha madness

Why didn't anyone tell me there was a pissing contest on to create the freakiest captcha ever? Or that the folks at Shozu had won with the following manly specimen?

Shozu goes for the ridiculous look with their captcha.

Shozu's a great mobile application that lets you upload your photos to Flickr from your phone. So what were they thinking with this captcha?

Update: I'm on the second step of the form and it gets worse. Here's the next screen:

Shozu doesn't want you to download their mobile client. Really, they don't!

Notice the blatant violation of the Innocent Until Proven Guilty principle (it's warning me from the outset that I've entered an invalid phone number when I haven't done anything yet). And there's another Captcha! WTF? Why two captchas? Surely, you can't get to the second step if you haven't passed the first step and, if you've passed the captcha in the first step, then surely you're human (or superhuman, in this case!) Not to mention the fact that you can only access this page by logging into your account in the first place.

Is there a crazed, out-of-control captcha developer loose at Shozu? Someone call the captcha police!