Be nice

A certain domain registrar has been emailing me ever since I registered a domain with them eons ago. That domain has since expired and, today, I got fed up of the emails and wanted to unsubscribe myself. Instead of clicking on a simple link to do this, I had to sign in to my account with said domain registrar. Of course, that meant having to go through the whole dreaded Forgotten Password Process (FPP). Finally, when I logged into my account, I just wanted a quick way to close it. They don't have one. In fact, I couldn't find any officially sanctioned way of saying goodbye to these people so I decided to get creative (they also have lousy form validation.)

close my account message left in the personal information form

Case in point: If you don't want smart asses like yours truly leaving comments like this in your forms, provide people with an easy way to close an account. And for bulk email, give a simple link that unsubscribes the user without making them jump through hoops (having to log into an account for this is an unacceptable hassle.)

Anything else is more trouble than its worth. You just irritate people, tarnish your brand and generally spew bad karma into the atmosphere (which we all know contributes to global warming -- of tempers, that is.)