TwitAPI Update

Thom alerted me yesterday (thanks, man) that the getFriends() method in the TwitAPI stopped working.

Twitter apparently updated the structure of the friends links on their pages. I've now updated TwitAPI so that the getFriends() method works again.

Test: Get a list of my friends: XML, JSON, Flash Remoting (use the UI).

It looks like the changes were just a regular refactoring (they seem to have separated the images/thumbnails on to several asset servers and thus the URLs to the images have changed.)

This change doesn't affect the getDirectMessages() method (which still works) or any of the other TwitAPI methods like addFriend(), removeFriend(), etc.

There was also a question from Mark asking if you can use the API from my server. Sure, that's what it's for! Go right ahead! :)

Feel free to hit the XML feeds (get_friends_xml.php, get_direct_messages_xml.php), JSON endpoint and the Flash Remoting gateway (there is a crossdomain file on so you can hit it directly from your Flash apps).

Leave me a comment if you make anything cool using TwitAPI and I'll showcase it on the site!