Flex-Data-Services.com spam alert

I just received spam mail from flex-data-services.com that reads:


We're trying to find out how to deliver you better service in the future.

If you have 30 seconds, we'd really appreciate it if you could follow the link below and answer several multiple choice questions. It really will take less than a minute and all responses will be kept completely confidential. This is a single time campaign and you won't receive any more mails from us.


Thank you for your help!

FDS Team

(I've changed the campaign ID and sid in the URL above.)

You could be fooled for thinking that this was a legitimate email from Adobe, especially since it is signed "FDS Team". I almost was fooled into answering it until I saw that it was sent to my PayPal account's email address.

On the web site that it leads to, there's a questionnaire powered by a system called UCCASS.

This email is definitely spam and most definitely not sent by Adobe. I'm sure the folks at Adobe would be interested in finding out who is behind this questionnaire. At the very least, I'm sure that Flex is a trademark (and probably Flex Data Services too).

I'm definitely not filling this in and I'd urge you to be careful if you received a similar email.

Update: Here is public information for the registrant of the flex-data-services.com domain, based on a whois lookup:

Todor Kolev (todor@vip.bg) none Sofiya Sofija,1000 BG Tel. +359.1234567

This domain definitely doesn't belong to Adobe and I smell something fishy here.

Update: The registrant info is most likely fake as Todor Kolev is apparently a leading Bulgarian actor, and would you look at that phone number -- sheer genius! :) Funny how the person responsible for this didn't hide the fact that they're from Bulgaria, however (or, they're just that good!)