And finally, goodbye Vodafone!

The contract for the data card plan that Vodafone have been charging me for for the past goodness-knows-how-long is up next month so I sent them an email to cancel. Goodbye, Vodafone!

By the way, if you want to cancel a Vodafone account, email them at, don't call the 0870 number or you'll just pay them more money (it's a premium number), only to be told to email that address.

If you're wandering what this is about, see this topic, starting with the Abbey National Business and Vodafone: Two companies that just don't "get it" and Sticking it to Vodafone articles.

Why do I just know that Apple is going to team up with Vodafone in the UK for the iPhone and I'm going to be forced to sign up with them again? :)

So, one down... now to switch banks.