Ebru Berker

Ebru Berker launches a site for her new CD

My dear friend Ebru just emailed to say that her debut album is going to be released in two weeks' time in Turkey. The album is titled "Sıradan bir şarki ve sıradan bir şarkıcı", which translates to "An ordinary song and an ordinary singer." Of course, if you knew Ebru, you'd know that there's nothing ordinary about her but the title comes as no surprise: Ebru is one of the most modest people I know; a tiny nuclear reactor of talent somehow contained in a mischievous impish shell. And she sings like an angel!

Ebru does have a partner-in-crime in this endeavor; her Clyde in all things Bonnie, my very good friend, Yuri Ryadchenko. Yuri's is the musical wizard credited with writing much of the music for the album (with Ebru doing the lyrics; although there are some where she's written the music too) and for the arrangement. (And goodness knows what else, in that lovely studio of his that I remember all too well and which has probably grown even larger since I was last there.)

The album covers an eclectic range of musical styles, from Jazz to Pop to Latin, with strong Turkish influences. The latter is not surprising at all, given that Ebru grew up in a playground of musical influence. Not least of all as a result of her father, the famous Turkish composer, Erdoğan Berker, and her sister, the amazing Jazz singer, Ece Berker. (I can still remember Ece giving us precious advice -- Vocalzone still saves my butt, by the way, Ece -- during rehearsals for Almost Broadway, the musical medley we staged way back in high-school.)

I'm also really impressed with the web site for the album. It's an elegant Flash site that is both minimalist and classy. You can listen to previews of some of the tracks there and doing so brought back some lovely memories for me. (And, I have to say, I was expecting Audrey 2 to jump out at any moment from the way the leaves move! Then again, with our shared past in musicals, I wouldn't be surprised if it is an intentional homage.)

And, guess what? I actually wrote the lyrics to one of the songs one night when we were playing around in Yuri's studio. Wow, actually it was quite a few moons ago now (oh my goodness, how old was I? 19? 20?). It's a light Latin party tune titled Cha Cha (you can hear a snippet on the site) and features a trombone solo by Fatih Erkoç. Who'd have thought? Lyrics credits in a Turkish album? I'll check that one off my list then! :)

Ebru, Yuri, I'm so very happy for the both of you! Best of luck with the album.

Check out the web site for Sıradan bir şarki ve sıradan bir şarkıcı.