No.10 Virtual Tour: For the press

I got an unexpected phone call from a writer at one of the prominent Turkish newspapers this morning, asking me about the launch of the No.10 Virtual Tour project. A quick Google search revealed that the BCC has a story on it and that other media outlets have begun reporting about it.

The reporter did mention that the press release issued by No.10 included a link to my blog but not my contact information so he had to Google me for my number (yep, guilty as charged, I never have gotten round to putting my contact information on my blog) so here goes: If you're trying to reach me regarding the No.10 story, you can call me on +44 779 555 1278. You can also find details on the No.10 project on this blog post that I wrote earlier.

I'm not entirely sure I said exactly what I'm being quoted as saying in the BBC article (apart from the "I thought it was too interesting a project to pass up" bit, which is from the blog post linked above) but, no matter, the project definitely was enlightening and fun and, given the constraints, I don't think it turned out too shabby! :)