Ariaware Optimizer Released!

It's with great pleasure that I announce the release of Ariaware Optimizer, our latest product that reduces the size of Flash applications and web sites. Kudos to the whole development team with special thanks to Burak Kalayci and Peter Hall and to our wonderful group of beta testers -- it's been a wonderful ride and this is just the beginning!

You can download a 30-day trial and test it out on your sites and applications! We're looking forward to your feedback.

Here's our official press release with more information:


New solution optimises Flash files without programming

London, UK - October 11, 2004 - Ariaware today announced Ariaware Optimizer, which can dramatically reduce the size of your Macromedia Flash web sites and applications (RIAs.) Created by leading Flash developers Aral Balkan, Peter Hall and Burak Kalayci, Ariaware Optimizer is a Windows tool for optimising Flash websites. For more information on Ariaware Optimizer, visit

It's a simple equation: Optimized SWFs are smaller and thus lead to direct savings in bandwidth costs. They also take less time to load and this means an instant usability boost for your web site or application. Smaller, better performing applications and web sites can result in a much more enjoyable user experience and aid the user acceptance of your products.

What would you do if your Flash site was instantly 60% smaller? We're not sure what James Rowley of did when Ariaware Optimizer resulted in just that amount of savings for his company's latest application but we can gleam that he was happy about it when he said to us: "I have been testing Librarian with some pretty amazing results. It does exactly what it says on the tin and has reduced our application down by around 60% Amazing stuff!" In our internal tests, Ariaware Optimizer has achieved results of up to 70% (and more) optimization on well-architected Flash applications using Version 2 components

Due to the number of unique factors regarding the architecture of applications and web sites, we cannot guarantee the same results for you but even a small optimization percentage can mean a substantial improvement for a large site. This is what John Grden of Blitz Digital Studios discovered when he ran Ariaware Optimizer: "After running our framework through it, I saw a 7% reduction. The result seems minor, but it actually was HUGE in that it took many of the content SWFs (the files that are the greatest impact to bandwidth) that used the same class file and reduced them all by 24k...on a site that gets HUGE amounts of hits, this is a BIG deal."

Running the Optimizer will lead to an overall file size reduction whenever your application or site has two or more SWFs that share classes. SWFs that use the Version 2 Components are a prime candidate for optimization as they share many core classes. Sites that are primarily HTML-based but which contain SWFs that use classes can also be optimized.


Ariaware Optimizer is now shipping for Windows in English worldwide. Introductory pricing is £695 (ex. VAT) for the Enterprise edition and £125 (ex. VAT) for the Freelancer edition. Offer ends 10th of November, 2004. Ariaware Optimizer is available for download in a free 30 day trial edition.


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