Flashtival Feedback

I've been trying to compile together the feedback people have been posting regarding my session on Best Practices Flash Development last month at Flashtival, helped by my good friend Peter Elst who graciously translated and sent me some of the feedback from the forums at flashfocus.nl. Here's what I have so far -- it's really great to hear that people had a good time and found the presentation useful!

"What enthusiasm, he had a great presentation. Learned a lot from what he told us."

Ronald Craenen

* * *

"Incredible, that guy 'lives' programming. A fast paced session full of enthusiasm, intelligence and humour. Just perfect, Actionscript at a seriously advanced level and using AMFPHP Flash Remoting -- very cool!"

Robin Bultot

* * *

"Best presentation I've ever seen, that guy deserves his own talkshow ;)"


(Above comments posted on this thread on FlashFocus.nl and translated from Dutch by Peter Elst.) "I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your passion and knowledge about Flash and the use of design patterns. Your presentation was by far the best I have seen so far. Looking forward to seeing you speak on FlashEurope!"

Ferry, via email.

* * *

"This was exactly the kind of stuff i needed. He gave absolute great indepth information about how to develop your webbased flash projects in a correct, maintainable and expandable way. The subject was 'Best practices flash development'. And boy was it."

Ben Smeets

* * *

"Aral Balkan was absolutely the best speaker. Go Aral Go! Very inspiring."

Daniel Spronk

* * *

"I did not see a lot of sessions but Aral definitely was the best I've ever seen!"

Waldo Smeets

* * *

I am going to be presenting the same session (with minor tweaks, as I go) at the Amsterdam MMUG and Belgium MMUGs at the end of this month and in South Africa in November. If you'd be interested in having me present it in your part of the world, let me know! :)