Another mobile solution for new Macs (UK)

I was talking recently with Andrew Shorten, who deals with most of the Flex stuff at Adobe's UK branch, and he mentioned that he'd read my blog posts about the trouble I had using Vodafone's 3G service with my new MacBook Pro and my switch to T-Mobile and their mobile solution. Andrew also has a new Mac and is a Vodafone 3G customer and he apparently came up with a way to use the SIM card from the 3G card in his 3G mobile phone (he's using a Nokia N70).

The instructions are simple:

  1. Put the SIM card from your Vodafone 3G data card into your 3G enabled phone (known to work for N70).
  2. Download the demo version or buy Launch2Net for Mac OS X from Nova Media and use that to connect to your data plan.

Well, damn, that's simple. HELLO, VODAFONE SUPPORT, ANYBODY HOME?! Why am I hearing about this workaround (which I would have been perfectly happy with) from a friend at Adobe instead of from your support people? You would have kept me on as a customer if you had suggested this to me when I first called you about this two months ago.

Thank-you, Andrew, for sharing. Hopefully, it will help out some other people who are in the same boat. (Andrew also mentioned that a contact of his who works at Vodafone mentioned that they should be shipping their USB adapter in November.)