Saying goodbye (to Vodafone) is hard to do

Ah, the ongoing saga of great customer service from Vodafone! So I call my favorite people this morning to request a PAC code so I can move my number over to T-Mobile before cancelling my account. Their response? You'll have to email us. What? I can't do it over the phone? No, you need to email us. Hmm, let me see, I've done practically everything else over the phone until now, why can't I do this? Oh, because, it needs to be in writing. Oh, right! OK, that makes perfect sense now.

What a last-ditch attempt to make it more difficult for people to leave (or just delay the inevitable.)

Sad. And so transparent.

My personal congratulations to the slimy suit that came up with that particular policy. It's those tiny touches that really move me from being merely disgusted with a company to absolutely nauseous of it.