Flash Platform text resizing accessibility solutions mature

Bob Corporaal Text Sizing Demo

This has been a good week for Flash accessibility.

Bob Corporaal has a system that he is working on that gives Flash developers more control over how to react to browser text size preference changes.

At the same time, I noticed that the Flash Player doesn't work correctly with the browser keyboard shortcuts for the Increase Text Size and Decrease Text Size commands in various browsers. I documented the problem and presented a workaround on Monday, in my post, Making Flash movies obey browser text size changes.

Bob released a demo and source code for his system on Wednesday, with a blog post titled Browser Integration: Resizing Text. I commented there that the system was suffering from the same Flash Player issue I had run into and linked to the workaround.

Today, I read that Bob has updated his text resizing demo with the workaround I presented and the new system works like a charm. Find the updated demo and Bob's commentary in his post titled Resizing Text Headaches.

One of the things I love about open source, sharing and community is how ideas can take fruit and evolve at almost the speed of thought without any bureaucracy whatsoever. I think last week is a good case study in this. It also serves to underline the fact that there are people working on the Flash Platform who are passionate about accessibility and usability and who are working to improve things in a pragmatic manner. Won't you join us and help?