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Well, it seems there's one more Canadian in the world. Yesterday, Flash on the Beach announced that I was "one of the UK’s (adopted from his native Canada) top Flash/Flex authorities." So, there you go, eat your hearts out Grant and Colin! :P

On a more serious note (C#), there was a lot of buzz at last night's London Flash Platform User Group (LFPUG) about Flash on the Beach. John Davey, who is organizing the conference, was there and made a short announcement regarding the event and offered attendees a little discount (see, it pays to attend these events!)

Talking about the LFPUG, it was great to catch up with friends from the London Flash crowd after my time away in strange and exotic lands. Richard Leggett and Johannes Nel gave two great talks (on FlashLite 2 and Data Binding in Flex 2). The venue was a cool bar in Old Street and we were told that the noises we heard from upstairs were from a pole dancing lesson. Our attempts at going upstairs were unsuccessful. Tink's got a great thing going with the LFPUG. Definitely try to make it to one of their meetings if you can.