The wonderful blur that was Flashtival

Wow, what a day! (Or what a wonderful couple of days!)

Emilie and I have been in Holland since Saturday and we've been having the greatest time. Everyone on the Flashtival team has been so friendly and it was wonderful meeting such interesting (and might I add, multitalented) people! Special thanks to Elmer for inviting me and to Lizemijn and Koen for all their support. It was also great to see Peter (Elst) and Owen again and to meet Ola and Johanna (and their delightful little baby!) Now I just have to practice my Dutch names!

I really enjoyed Ola and Peter's sessions. It's always inspiring to see the range of uses Flash has (Ola's animations were truly a work of art and I am quite sure we will be hearing more of Peter's framework in the coming days.) I only wish I knew Dutch and could have attended some of the other sessions also but alas there were only so many hours in the day.

I was also very happy with my session (and I'm usually hard to please!) Tightening up the preview I gave at the London MMUG did wonders -- I took the presentation from roughly 35 slides to about 14 and created a new sample application (a pattern-based version of the AMFPHP Pizza Service application) and I believe that really helped the audience (and what a great audience it was) to compare the two approaches more easily.

It's about 10.30pm now and I'm looking forward to well deserved rest and we will be leaving Holland tomorrow with only the fondest memories. I can't wait for my return on the 25th of October to present at the Amsterdam MMUG and I'm equally looking forward to my session at the Belgium MMUG on October 23rd.