Running ASP.NET applications on OS X using Mono


I wanted to play with the .NET version of the ARP PizzaService application by Mark Piller on WebOrb for .NET so I thought I'd try it out under Mono on OS X. Unfortunately, WebOrb for .NET only appears to be available as an MSI and thus I don't seem to have a way of installing it on OS X. (Not that it was guaranteed to work under Mono but I was hoping it would.) In any case, Mono is very cool. It's basically .NET for Linux/OS X/etc.

To test out ASP.NET on OS X, install Mono on OS X, then open up a terminal window and go to /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Home/lib/xsp/test. There, type xsp to start a development server and open up http://localhost:8080 on your machine to view the ASP.NET samples.

Cool, huh? I'm off to play with WebOrb for Ruby on Rails with Flex 2.