Why do people hate Microsoft?

Here's one reason: I'm trying to download IE 7 to test something out and I don't want to install it over IE 6. But does Microsoft provide a standalone installer that doesn't fuck up the rest of your system and overwrite IE 6? No. Could they? Absolutely. In fact, Jon Galloway has a tool that does this and Yousif has released a standalone installer for Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1.

So, Microsoft, if you're wondering why people hate you, it's because of decisions like this. It's because it's blatantly obvious that your priorities are to squeeze every last dime you can from your locked-in customers as opposed to giving them a good user experience. If Yousif can create a no-hassle standalone installer for IE 7, so can Microsoft, if it wanted to act in good will. But apparently, it doesn't.

And here's some more. I tried to download IE 7 using FireFox on OS X (I was going to copy it to my shared folder for use in Parallels.) Can I do this? No. Why not? Because Microsoft requires you to validate your copy of Windows before you download the release candidate for IE 7. WTF? I'm on OS X. OK, so I switch over to my Windows install on Parallels and fire up IE and it asks me to install a plugin so Microshaft Microsoft can probe my computer to see if I'm a terrorist software pirate. Papers please!

Now that's bad in and of itself but what's worse is that stupid IE is now stuck trying to install the plugin. I swear, I'd be laughing my ass off if I was watching this in a comedy. If you don't want to put up with this "genuine advantage" bullshit, download Yousif's standalone installer and you should be up and running in no time.

Microsoft is so clueless, I wonder if they see how much market share they are going to be losing in the coming years. The thing about the amount of bad will they've accumulated through the years is that it doesn't have an immediate effect. It takes time for things to change but you can be sure that enough people are pissed off that things are changing. You only have to attend a developer-heavy conference this year to see the disproportionate number of new Intel Macs to PCs. Steve Ballmer may rave like a lunatic about developers all he likes but let me tell you Stevey boy (*ducks flying chair*), your developers are switching in droves to Macs and Linux.

(By the way, I ended up installing IE 7 using Yousif's installer and it took only a minute or two and I was up and running without any hassles. Thank you, Yousif, and shame on you, Microsoft!)