Flashtival: Peter Hall's session

Peter's showing us his document-based Flash system (DDF) -- using a single HTML file that can either render as HTML or as Flash in the browser (yes, it's as cool as it sounds and I am sure that we will see some real community development around this once he's released the source. The thought going on in my head is, how hard would it be to wire this up so it parses Flex? (Ok, pretty hard, I'm sure -- and client-side Flex parsing proof-of-concepts have already been created -- the real advantage of Flex, of course is the server-side rendering and caching.)

The crux of Peter's new framework revolves around using a central document manager in Flash to map tags in the HTML (using XHTML) to text fields and movie clips in Flash.

Still sounds confusing? Here's an example:

Use my.html?ddfView=html to view the page in HTML and my.html to view it in Flash. All the processing is done client-side so a server-side component is not necessary.

Peter is nearing the end of his talk and here are the promised pictures:

Peter with the big screen.

Peter with a slide.

The code!

Peter presenting.