Blogging from TextMate

I've just started using TextMate on OS X and I'm very impressed. In fact, I'm using it to write this blog post at the moment. To add the link to TextMate, above, all I had to do was press ⌃⇧⌘L with the word "TextMate" selected and it did a lookup on Google, found the link to the Macromates site and created the link for me. How cool!

It's getting really late over here (3am) so I'll write more about TextMate later. Yes, you guessed it, I'm trying out the "more" option to see if it works as promised. (Then I'll test out editing a post to post an update!) :)

[Update]The built in "more" feature doesn't seem to work with Wordpress but that's to be expected (I'm using the Blog - HTML format.) Not sure if there's a Wordpress-specific template out there (will Google it tomorrow -- it's late now) but I usually don't use the "more" feature anyway. The built in "more" feature works like a charm. When you post or edit a blog entry, TextMate opens up the entry in your default browser. I got confused because the link to the full post of course doesn't display on the page of the full post! (Did I mention that it's late and getting later!) [/Update]

Another very cool feature of the blogging bundle is that you can just drag a picture into the current document and it uploads it for you to your blog. Like this photo by Simon Bierwald of yours truly eating a microphone during the iCommons presentation at the Wizards of OS conference in Berlin last week.

Aral Balkan at ICommons Workshop Wizards of OS

(Oh, wow, adding a picture worked really well!)

[Update]There seems to be an issue with the timestamps. Trying to manually set the time now.[/Update]

[Update]Hmm, interesting -- after posting, it gets the wrong timestamp. It might be an issue on my server. The timestamp grows by an hour. Not a huge deal but it'll be good to get to the bottom of it... umm, tomorrow![/Update]

I can't wait to play more with TextMate!