An interesting YouTube alternative

I love YouTube as much as the next guy but I try not to visit these days as, when I do, I end up going off on all sorts of tangents (it's worse than TV, I tell you!) For my d.construct talk, I'm doing something video related and I came across in my research. It's an interesting YouTube alternative. doesn't have a public API but I've emailed them (as it says to do so on the site) to ask about accessing what they have currently. It would be cool if it supported upload like Flickr does for photos (worst case scenario: they apparently have an email interface.)

I also ran up against a bug when trying to access their upload page. It currently displays and error. The page says that they've been made aware of the problem so it should really be a temporary thing.

And, although I actually prefer their browse/search/playback system (i.e, how they implemented the core features of the site), I did notice a usability flaw in the sign-up page. It violates the Innocent Until Proven Guilty principle by carrying out form validation and showing a validation error the moment the form loads.

I'll respectfully direct the developers to my Flex 2 Quick Start on Validating Data. I would love to see someone create and release a JavaScript version of the validation technique that I describe there (or does one exist already perhaps?) Jeremy?