BarCampLondon: Mike Davies on automated accessbility testing

The sessions at BarCampLondon have just started and I'm sitting in one right now called Automated Accessibility Testing presented by Mike Davies. The subject caught my attention as I'm very much about following a Usability Approach to Accessibility and I want to see what solutions there are on the other side of the fence with regards to a Checkbox Approach. (The two don't necessarily have to be diametrically opposed, of course.)

From what I've heard in the first few minutes, the session looks like it's going to be surprising...

Notes from the session:

Knock-on benefits of accessibility:

Mike's talking about his last project and the wide range of testing they did, including usability and expert testing (so they didn't just do automated testing.) He's talking about how certain institutions -- for example, local governments -- only rely on automated testing (in other words, Checkbox Accessibility.

Mike's mentioned SiteMorse -- a company that does automated accessibility testing on your sites.

SiteMorse: Snakeoil or misunderstood?

Mike created test cases to test SiteMorse.

Was a very interesting session. I look forward to reading Mike's research once it's published.