Best practices for client-side validation in Flex 2

When it comes to designing user interface behavior, there is definitely more than one way to skin a cat.

While writing the Validating Data Quick Start for Flex 2, I wanted to provide more than just the basics of using Validators in Flex 2. Although the default behavior of validators in Flex 2 works, simply binding a couple of validators to your form controls will not provide the most usable experience for your users. I won't go into detail on the reasons for this (see the Quick Start for that) but there are a number of design considerations that must be met to create usable validation.

The best practices for client-side validation section in the Validating Data Quick Start contains a Flex 2 example that follows the User Interface Design Principles for Web Applications that I published earlier. You can easily use the code in the example to help you create best-practices client-side validation for your own applications.

And before anyone asks, no, this doesn't in any way remove the need for you to do user testing! :)