OSFlash Zeroi project makes logging in ActionScript more flexible

Ralf Bokelberg and Sönke Rohde have released Zeroi on OSFlash.

Zeroi is a logging abstraction layer that lets you use any logging system (SOS, admin tool, luminic box, ...) in your MTASC projects, without code changes in your application. Here's how it works, according to Ralf's email to the OSFlash mailing list:

Inside your app you only use trace statements. The traces are forwarded to the logging system of your choice. That's what the name Zeroi stands for: Zero Impact.

Sönke Rohde added the possibility to configure your logging system by using XML. You can filter logs on a class or package basis, e.g. suppress every log from class XY with a loglevel <= WARN

Find out more about Zeroi on OSFlash.