New Flex 2 Quick Starts: Building and deploying components

Four new Flex 2 Quick Starts are now live on the Adobe Developer Center. They are:

My Quick Start on Building components using code behind is especially worth a read as the Flex documentation currently does not include any information on how to use this important workflow. Those of you who already use the Arp framework to develop your Flash, Flex 1.5 and Flex 2 applications will be familiar with the workflow already. Code behind will also be familiar to users coming from Visual Studio.

The current implementation of code behind in Flex 2 is still somewhat barebones (it was added in Beta 3) and has certain limitations (for example, you can only declare components in your MXML as public in your code behind class) but it nevertheless opens the way for a more robust implementation in the future. Hopefully one that will utilize partial classes.