Skype's ridiculous password policy

I lost my Skype account today thanks to their unbelievable password policy. When you click on their Forgot your password? link, you get taken to a page that asks you for your user name and the email address that you *originally signed up with*. WTF? I don't even have that domain any more! Furthermore, Skype lets you change your email address in your profile but will not send your password to that email. It's as bad as banks here in the UK thinking that living at a single address for three years makes you more trustworthy or something (it's because we don't have a real credit rating system here.) In any case, I've got a new Skype account now so please ping me if you were on my list and I'll add you on again.

Skype: Big thumbs down!

[Update] One of my readers who works at Skype contacted me to help and was able to change the email address I originally signed up with so I could receive the forgotten password email. Thanks, man! :) And I hope that Skype will also review this workflow as I'm sure other people have found themselves in this situation.

[Update 2] Please do not email me to ask if I can help you change your Skype password — unfortunately, I cannot. I've been told by a friend at Skype that such requests should be put through to Skype support. Sorry I cannot be of more help in this.