Seventeen new projects on OSFlash

New projects added to OSFlash
I went through and cleared the backlog of new project requests on OSFlash today.

We have seventeen new projects added this month, including the following: AS2XML, XTrace, PlazesASPI, FLVMux, FLVPlayer2, Mikrokosmos, MingMotion, AS3Style, ImageThumbStrip, Zeroi, Sandy, JavaFlashBridge, JavaFlash, Wonder, AS3 Lightweight Remoting Framework, Charm'd, and FlexDesigner.

The projects currently haven't set up their web pages on the wiki so I will add links to the list above as they become available.

By the way, we have a new web page template for OSFlash projects.

The motivations for the new template are to make it easy for users of the site to see -- hopefully at a glance but at worst, as a minimum:

Your thoughts and suggestions are, as always, very welcome.