Come to papa!

Oooh, oooh, oooh (my goodness, three oooh's with three o's each!) I just ordered my MacBook Pro from the little Mac place round the corner.

I'm getting the 15.4" model with the 2.16 Ghz processor. I would have picked it up today but I asked for an extra gig of RAM and they've ordered that in for tomorrow. Of course, I'm getting the AppleCare 3-year protection plan with this baby and I checked on the net and it's apparently one of the newer builds (serial number W8617...) so hopefully it won't have the heating issue/whine/etc. that the first models had.

Hand in hand with my new purchase, I'll be getting a copy of Parallels and can't wait to install Linux (Ubuntu most likely) and Windows on it. Oh damn, I just realized that all my licenses for Windows are OEM (they're basically only valid on the machines I have them on.) Grrr... who would have thought that I'd be forced to buy a Windows license for the first time in my life when getting a Mac. Oh wait, I lie, there was that time I bought Windows Me. Oh no, there goes the fortune I spent in therapy trying to forget that experience! :)

macVillePopulation++; // Aral leaves PC world after 22 years