Steve Jobs' WWDC '06 keynote is about to begin

After months of speculation and rumour, Steve Jobs is about to begin his keynote at WWDC '06 and give the world its first look at Leopard. Why am I interested? Well, apart from hoping that he'll be announcing the immediate availability of Merom-based MacBook Pros (my cheque book is at hand), I want to learn all about my future operating system (Leopard) as I'm switching to a Mac after about twenty two years on PCs, first with DOS, then Gem Desktop for a bit and, finally, Windows.

Why? Well, quite frankly because I've had it with Windows.

I've had it with some driver conflicting with the hibernation feature on my laptop and with Windows crashing while in Standby only to restart so that my notebook becomes a fiery inferno in my bag. I've had it with ridiculous boot up and shut-down times. I've had it with looking at Mac users with a tear in my eye as they close the lids on their laptops without a worry in the world. It's the little things, perhaps -- but it's not little when you move around as much as I do.

Oh, yeah, and they look lovely too! There, I've said it! :)

Ooh, it's started. You can read a live transcript from