FlashDay, Istanbul: Celebrating 10 years of Flash

Flash turns tenAs you've probably already heard, this year will mark the 10th anniversary of Flash -- that thing which began life as a tool for creating web animations and is, today, a platform. To celebrate, MMIstanbul, the Adobe User Group in Istanbul, is holding a celebration party/seminar called FlashDay this Sunday, starting at 2pm Istanbul time (12pm GMT).

Murat Kgirgin, who heads the group, contacted me recently to ask whether I'd like to speak at the event and I told him that I'd be more than happy to. I'll be joining the event at around 4pm Istanbul time (2pm GMT) via Breeze to talk about my experiences with Flash, where it has come from and where it is heading and, of course, about the amazing open source movement we have in the Flash world with OSFlash.

You can find out more about the event on the FlashDay web site (if you speak Turkish, that is!) :)

Update: You can view the Breeze meeting, live.