Watch Flash Player 9 penetration soar thanks to MySpace!

In response to last week's MySpace hack, which used a redirect from Flash to hijack people's pages, MySpace recently announced that they will be upgrading all Flash widgets to Flash Player 9. The security updates in Flash Player 9 apparently prevent this sort of attack.

A message regarding the upgrade was sent from Tom to all MySpace accounts and reads as follows:

hey folks - we are moving myspace music players and video players to flash 9.0. flash 9 has security fixes so that people can't mess with you on myspace. if your 'about me' got screwed up this weekend, you could have been safe if you had flash 9 installed. here's an easy way to install it, go watch this dashboard video i posted last week. if you don't like dashboard, just watch any video in our video section, and you'll be prompted to install flash 9.

(It appears that having a couple of million in the bank doesn't necessarily mean that you know grammar and punctuation rules.)

Given the huge audience that MySpace has, I predict that we will be seeing a spike in Flash Player 9 adoption in the coming days.