Do not send DVDs or CDs via FedEx in the UK

The MPAA and their friends have reportedly trained dogs to sniff out bags or packages that contain CDs or DVDs. Apparently, these dogs are being used as we speak at Standsted airport, in the UK, to sniff packages being sent by FedEx.

For the time being, Lucky and Flo are working at a FedEx shipping center at Stansted Airport where they are sniffing packages that are shipped around the world. Trainers say the dogs have been notifying customs agents of packages with discs in them. The packages have been opened but so far no pirated movies have been found.

What sick group of people trains dogs so they can victimize people that buy their products? These people are nuts. I'd have to insane to support their business model.

Also, unless you're all right with having your package opened, I guess you should not send DVDs or CDs via FedEx in the UK.