Adobe Flex 2 Officially Released

Adobe releases Flex 2What are you waiting for? Go download version 1.0 now from!

Congratulations to the amazing folks on the Flex team on their astounding effort. They completely rewrote (and vastly expanded) the Flex framework in ActionScript 3 while also creating a completely new (and rockin') visual IDE based on Eclipse. If my own experiences in the last year or so are any indication, you are going to love working with the Flex 2 Framework and Flex Builder 2!

On a personal note, check out the Flex Quick Starts (you can also access them from the Flex Builder start page.) I was lucky enough to be asked to author those (thanks, Sho!), working with a wonderful little team that includes my two editors, Stephen Gilson and Linda Adler, Amy Wong, Randy Nielsen and Sho Kuwomoto. There are a dozen Quick Starts ready at the moment and we'll be adding more of them on a regular basis following the release.

In tandem with Flex 2, Adobe has also released the Flash Player 9. This revolutionary new version of the Flash Player contains two virtual machines, a legacy one supporting ActionScript 1 and ActionScript 2 and a brand-spankin'-new, lean-and-mean virtual machine for ActionScript 3.