Will also Flash on the Beach

Flash on the Beach: Flash conference in Brighton (UK), Dec 4-6, 2006I'll Flash anywhere dammit! I don't discriminate.

Have you heard of Flash on the Beach? No, it's not a new cocktail. Although if it was, I'd expect it to have Kahlua in it. Lots!

Flash on the Beach is a new Flash conference being held in my home town of Brighton, UK. I've been in close contact with John Davey, who is organizing the event (OK, wipe that smirk off your face, it wasn't that close and we were both fully clothed -- in pink tutus to be exact!) But I digress: Pete-Barr Watson is also involved (married, actually, but that's another matter altogether.)

It's great that we're having a Flash conference on my home turf. Wrote "turd" the first time. It was funny for about a second. Then I thought about Wii. Oh I crack me up (and me alone, I'm sure.) Wii jokes will never get old, I tell you. And neither will you if you attend Flash on the Beach. OK, you will. But you'll have stories to tell matey. Stories, I tell you. Yes, italics and all. Them kind'a stories. And pebbles.

Speakers? Have we got speakers? No, really, have we? 'Cors we do. Spanning the spectrum from artsy-fartsy to thinks-in-binary. We've got 'em by the dozen. OK, so right now we have a little over a dozen. But they include Erik Natzke. And Branden Hall. Need I say more? OK, so how about Hoss Gifford and Phillip Kerman. And this lovely pair of kitchen scrubbers*. And ME, ME, ME! And Pete Barr-Watson, Mike Downey, Joey Lott, Brendan Dawes, Craig Swann, Jobe Makar, Chris Orwig, Rich Shupe, Seb Lee-Delisle and Robert Reinhardt.

Man what a line up and it's not even half complete yet!

(And I have some insider info -- this just in -- that Mike Chambers is going to be speaking at the event too! And on Apollo!)

Early bird pricing for the event, until the end of July, is £199 (inc. VAT).

For more information, and to sign up, see the Flash on the Beach web site.

* kitchen scrubbers not included.