Mature Flash: Boagworld podcast

Aral Balkan on BoagworldPaul Boag recently interviewed me for his Boagworld podcast. In the podcast, Paul says that the interview made him "realize that Flash has grown up a lot and it's been tarred with a brush which is somewhat out of date these days."

From the podcast description on the site:

In our previous podcasts on flash we focused very much on the dangers associated with adding flash to your site. Although this was a necessary discussion it gave a somewhat one sided view of what is a very exciting technology. Therefore we thought it would be a good idea to redress the balance by looking at just how much flash has matured over the last couple of years.

Paul and Aral discuss:

Also in this episode of boagworld Paul and Marcus discuss whether accessibility is holding back the world of web design and how to write a good CV as a freelance web designer.
Listen to the Mature Flash Boagworld podcast.