Arp success story: McDonald's Nutrition Counter

Arp framework success story: McDonald's Nutrition Counter
Andrew Eatherington recently shared his Arp success story with the OSFlash mailing list. Andrew used Arp in his project to build the Nutrition Counter RIA for the McDonald's UK web site. I may not eat at McDonald's or support their business model but the application itself is a very good example of a clean, good-looking and useful RIA.

The application was built using Arp and the WebServiceConnector. It is published for the Flash 6 player.

To quote Andrew, "Its a first for me and I have enjoyed trying out ARP in the 'real world'. Look forward to many more."

You can view the Nutrition Counter in the "Eat Smart" Section of McDonald's UK.

You can learn more about Arp and other open source Flash projects on OSFlash.