Multi-Mania: Podcast, OSFlash panel and RIAs

I was recently interviewed for a podcast by Ronald and Koen, the personable duo behind next week's Multi-Mania conference in Belgium that I'm going to speaking at. The said interview is now up on the Multi-Mania web site (and here's a direct link to the MP3). In it I share my thoughts on various things, including, of course, OSFlash, Flex 2 and my experiences in licking melted chocolate from the nipples of famous Hollywood midgets. OK, so two out of three -- I didn't really talk about Flex!

Multi-Mania will feature a panel discussion on OSFlash that I'll be chairing. Those of you who attended Spark Europe may remember a similar panel discussion there that ended up becoming a lively episode of "Is Red 5 Legal?" with FUD thrown about like chairs in Steve Ballmer's office. This time around, I hope we can use the panel to demonstrate the amazing open source work that the Flash community has been producing on OSFlash and to create a platform to connect with and address the needs, questions and ideas of the local community in Belgium. I am very lucky to have five great panelists on board: Christophe Herreman (AS2Lib, Arp), Edwin Van Rijkom (Screenweaver), Waldo Smeets (Adobe Benelux), Serge Jespers and Peter Elst.

Ronald and Koen suggested that we could use my blog to brainstorm ideas for the panel beforehand so if you have any, feel free to leave a comment.

Finally, I'm also going to be giving a talk at Multi-Mania on Arp and building Rich Internet Applications on the Flash Platform. There might be an interesting announcement and demonstration at that talk -- even a first-look at something new maybe, who knows! :)