The ultimate notebook computer

Why, oh why, does the latest ultraportable notebook from Sony, the Vaio TX3, have a TV tuner and a DVD drive?

I wish Sony would make an ultraportable without a DVD drive (I don't know about other people but I rarely use a DVD drive on the road). While they're at it, they can remove that TV tuner too.

I'd love to see a no-nonsense ultraportable that's as thin and light as possible while not skimping on performance. Ideally, it would use flash memory in place of a hard drive. Add to that a nice Core Duo processor and at least 1GB RAM and I'd have my dream machine.

Maybe Apple will come out with a tasty ultraportable sometime early next year.

Darn, I had my heart set on a new TX3 but a Core Solo just isn't going to cut it, I don't think, and I don't want to lug around a DVD drive and TV tuner everywhere for no reason.

Update: I'd go for a Lenovo X60 but its display resoluion of 1024x768 is a bit too low for dev work in Flex Builder, Flash, After Effects, etc.