Peter Elst on Andy Budd

No, no, it's not some weird fantasy I have, you filthy people! It's just that Peter's written a review on Andy's book, CSS Mastery - Advanced Web Standards Solutions.

Peter is a Flash friend and Andy is an HTML friend. Now this doesn't mean that Peter's more animated than Andy or that Andy is any more accessible than Peter. I love them both the same and so should you. Peter and Andy, to the best of my knowledge, haven't met. And yet, Peter's read Andy's book. I don't think Andy's read Peter's book though. It's currently somewhat of a one-sided relationship. [Note to self, do not blog at 1am]. Oh it gets better...

Peter apparently loved Andy's book. He calls it:

. . .without any doubt the most readable and useful reference guide to have on your desk. This book has done for me what few others on the topic have - and that is get me excited about the plain old XHTML and CSS again.
Go read Peter's review of Andy's book and then play a round of Mashed: Fully Loaded with some friends. Why? Because it's fun. Or eat some ice-cream on the beach. That's fun too! :)