Macromedia Certified Instructor

I've just become a Macromedia Certified Instructor for the Flash MX 2004: Advanced ActionScript Development (FAAD) and Flash MX Professional 2004: Application Development courses and will be teaching select classes at the prestigious Highlander offices in the Docklands.

I will be teaching the first FAAD class this Monday.

We will, of course, be continuing to offer our own custom curriculum training courses for our corporate clients at Ariaware in topics ranging from advanced ActionScript 2 and Flash development to best-practices team-based RIA design and development, Agile Development process and usability design and testing.

We are also planning to continue to bring you training from the best designers and developers in the Flash and RIA worlds as part of the series of training sessions we debuted at the end of May with the wonderfully well-received Flash MX 2004 Enterprise Development workshop presented by Flash guru Grant Skinner.