Two new success stories for Arp and OSFlash

The Heineken Netherlands web site build using Arp, an open-source pattern-based RIA framework
The Arp and OSFlash mailing lists have been getting a couple of success stories recently and I thought I'd share the latest two with you.

Sander Wichers recently wrote to the Arp mailing list to tell us of his sucess in using Arp to build the Netherlands web site for Heineken:

I've used ARP extensively in a project of mine (; ARP was one of the main reasons I was able to split the workload between a couple of developers! The entire site is feeded with data from a service oriented CMS and all the backend communication is done using ARP. Another big thing in this project was the way it has been split up. Each module is responsible for it's own communication and can be run and debugged on it's own. To keep the files small we've used Asigen ( for the generation of intrinsic classes, so there is no redundant code within the modules, this gives us very (yes, very) small files!
It's great to see Arp being put to such good use. What I love to hear most is how using Arp improves the daily experience of developers. Because, at the end of the day, it's all about having a good time developing, instead of getting frustrated and losing hair. I guess you could say that I see Arp as a wellfare enhancer! :)
Casting Office, a modelling agency RIA built using various OSFlash projects
The second success story was sent to the OSFlash mailing list yesterday, by João Saleiro. He is a student in the Computers and Telecommunications Engineering program at ISCTE in Portugal and decided to create a Flash-based RIA for managing modeling agencies as his graduation project.
We were using the Flash IDE, but at 29th March,2006 I’ve seen a post on the king Aral Balkan’s site [flattery will get you everywhere, João, *blush* - Aral], titled “Open Source Flash Case Study for”. Quoting: “In the study, Edwards mentions how their use of open source tools saved them over 110 hours in compile time”. I’ve got curious and started investigating on open source flash technologies.

Today, after two months, I’m proud to present an almost finished prototype of our application, at . After cleaning for bugs, the current version is for presenting at faculty on July, and the final version of the application will only be finished on October. Probably the application will be a bit slow depending on your internet connection, but it is intended to be run on a LAN, so connection speed will not be a problem.

What can I say? Congratulations João! It's looking good! :)

In his email João says "I hope you like it (opinions are very welcome)… if you do, our teachers will surely like too! (as we hope so)". Well, I for one definitely believe you deserve an A+.

The login for the site, by the way, is osflash/test.

The list of open source applications that João used for the project include MTASC, AMFPHP, Eclipse+ASDT+ANT+AnyEdit, ASWING, ARP + extensions (Herreman’s Configuration and Locale; Grant Davies’ Command,System Controller and ServiceDelegate; and some modifications we’ve made), PHPThumb, PHP and MySQL.

Go, OSFlashers! I keep saying it, but I'll say it again, you guys rock! :)