Multi-Mania '06

Aral Balkan will be speaking at the Multi-Mania conference in BelgiumI'm going to be speaking at Multi-Mania, which is apparently Belgium's biggest multimedia event, on 29th June, 2006.

(A word of warning about the web site: It scared the crap out of me because the links make the exact type of clicking noise that my last hard disk did before it died. I shed some sweat before realizing it was the web site making the sounds and not my dying computer!)

My session will be on using the Arp framework to architect Rich Internet Applications for the Flash Platform and beyond.

I'm also going to be moderating the Open Source Flash panel in which Christophe Herreman, Edwin van Rijkom, Waldo Smeets, Serge Jespers and Peter Elst will be participating.

It's been a while since I've been back to Belgium and I'm hugely looking forward to hanging with my Belgian buddies and downing yet more of that great chocolate!