My nude FlashForward video

My video interview from FlashForward 2006 SeattleWell, it got your attention, at least! :)

I just saw that the kind folks at have put up my interview video from FlashForward 2006 in which I was asked: Does the open source [Flash] community typically embrace Flash, or is there skepticism? How does the Flash community take to open source -- what are the key concerns? During your session's Q&A, did you recieve any surprising questions? What excites you about the Adobe/Macromedia merger? And, finally, what's your experience been at FlashForward?

View the video for my responses.

(Oh, and in case you're still wondering, no, I wasn't nude during the interview... well, I was, under my clothes, I guess. Does revealing insight count?)

There are also interviews with a good number of the other speakers, including Hillman Curtis, Matt and Mike Chapman, Andreas Heim, Craig Swann, Chris Orwig and Moses Gunesch.