b2 to WordPress migration script updated

It seems my little b2 to WordPress migration script actually helped someone else (and, as often these things go, in turn benefited from the experience!)

Connie, who runs a blog called Turtelina's Kingdom, got in touch to say that the script was throwing up errors for her. I was just happy someone else was still on b2 and wanted to use the migration script! :) After a quick look at her database, I realized that I hadn't anticipated the use of table prefixes (as I didn't use them in my setup) and that there was a field I was expecting in the comments table that I had probably hacked onto my own installation as part of my custom comment spam antimeasures. In any case, these were quick fixes and I'm happy to report that the script worked for her and Connie's got the WordPress version of her site up and running. (And she's done an amazing job of migrating her templates over so quickly.)

Download Version 1.1 of the b2 to WordPress migration script (20kb).

Important note on b2evolution: Some people have been erroneously linking to the script as a b2evolution to WordPress migration script. I want to make it clear that this script is not for b2evolution but for the older b2 blog engine. Since b2evolution is based on b2, it is possible (but highly improbable) that the script will also work for b2evolution. If anyone has a b2evolution setup and would like to test this, I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences. If the two database setups are not hugely different, it should not be too difficult to port the script to work with b2evolution. Release notes:

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

Initial release. Only tested on my own database. Do not use this version as it has known dependencies on my setup.