Patterns for happiness?

It's interesting to see the same themes being mentioned in so many different talks, both here at OFFF and elsewhere. The same simple bits of high-level advice that is given out at each talk. Conclusions it's taken me some time to reach on my own. Like what? Here's a short list, paraphrased from the talks of Joshua Davis, Stefan Sagmeister, et. al. and my own experiences:

1. Do what you love every day

2. Take risks

3. Don't do it just for the money (if you do what you love, money usually happens)

4. You *can* achieve pretty much anything as long as you stick with it (and yes, it might take a lot of time!)

5. Embrace change

6. Do, don't think about doing (I always get annoyed whenever someone hears me sing, for example, and says "you're very talented." Bullshit. Talent has nothing to do with it -- thousands of hours of practice has everything to do with it. The same's true with ideas -- they're a dime a dozen. But actually following through with it, working on it, hour after hour, way past the point where the initial high of inspiration has worn off -- now that's the road that leads to creation.)

7. There's no such thing as a mistake -- it's all a learning experience.

They may be simply stated but I've found that the decisions we take at the highest level -- the ones that affect us the most -- are usually very simple ones. (Perhaps at times we complicate things just to mask how simple a decision we are really faced with because we are afraid of the risks that go with the choice that we know, instinctively, is the right one.)