OFFF the beaten track

Technical issues aside, I enjoyed the first day of OFFF. It's really great to be exposed to a crowd that is quite different from the ones at the other conferences. In fact, I don't think I know anyone who's presenting today and that's really quite cool!

That said, it was good to see and talk to Marcos Weskamp, Craig Swann, Erik Natzke and Joshua Davis again yesterday. Craig's session was really interesting and he showed us some of the installation/devices that he's been building (creativity with lots of tin foil and ethernet ports!) Marcos held a joint session with Jonathan Harris (of 10x10 fame) and that was really quite inspirational. I loved Jonathan's latest project, We Feel Fine, built in Processing and probably the most ambitious data visualization project I've seen. Marcos showed us a Flash application he built using the APIs from that in just the last day, here at OFFF (I think he was on his sixth Red Bull of the day and hadn't slept at all the previous night!) Joshua stepped in for a speaker who had to cancel at the last moment and gave a most enjoyable talk, inviting attendees to take part in his latest work by providing illustrations to be fed into his program. He also said fuck a lot. And it went down really well! :)

I'm really enjoying the conference so far and they seem to have handled the technical issues. The first two sessions this morning went off without a hitch.