Barcelona rocks!

Me in the TravelBar as taken by Dan from behind his computer (look at what he's looking at!)

Andrea, Dan and I arrived in Barcelona this morning and I have to say that the city's made a wonderful first impression on me. It's really chilled out (duuude, two-and-a-half hour lunch breaks rock!) and we've rented a lovely little apartment in the quaintest square I've seen. We've only been here a few hours and we already feel like it's home! :)

My only gripe is that we thought the apartment would have wifi and, apparently, it was a mistake on the web site and it doesn't. Doesn't matter, though, as the guy renting it to us, Marc, was really cool and friendly.

Five minutes after we first ventured out, we bumped into Josh Davis and his friend, Max Akkerman and followed them to a very cool gallery called Maxalot that Max set up. The current exhibition had neat Photoshop-on-map-paper prints by Christian Montenegro along with one of Josh's prints covering a whole wall -- very cool! Afterwards, with Josh kindly doubling as our almost-resident guide, we started walking towards the OFFF venue. No sooner had we done two streets did we bump into Craig Swann! Man, if this is how Barcelona is all the time, I think I'm going to be moving here -- the streets are crawling with Flashers! :)

Right now, we're sitting at a bar called Travel Bar, sipping some drinks (pineapple juice for me, I'm being good) and enjoying the free wifi.

OFFF starts tomorrow and I'm really psyched. Tonight we're meeting up with Carolina and her friends for some local-Barcelona-style fun (yeah, I have no idea what that entails but it sounds good!) :)

Oh yeah, and the Gaudi's works here are amazing. I have to make it a point to see as many as possible before leaving.