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This is post #405 and one of the last posts I'll be making on FlashAnt. Yep, that's right, it's time to bid farewell to FlashAnt and say hello to

As part of the decisions I took at the end of last year (to cease nearly all third-party development work), I've decided to slowly bring everything together under my domain. A long time ago, there were the beginnings of a neat little Flash site there but it eventually fell into beta-itis, followed by a nasty bout of neglectamonia and ended its brief and tragic existence by succumbing to a terminal spell of outdatedness syndrome. Thankfully, web site reincarnation involves less chanting and incense than the human variety and my namesake will be making a comeback. Alas, it does mean that I'm going to phase out both the FlashAnt and Ariaware sites.

Shutting down a blog for me carries the same bittersweet melancholy of moving homes. First onRelease(), and now FlashAnt but I plan to stick with from here on.