Why? Oh why?

Returned from FITC only to literally expire on arrival. I felt that I was coming down with something the night before I was about to fly out to Toronto but I guess I self-medicated the heck out of myself ("no way I'm getting sick before this!") and I was somewhat in and out of it during the conference itself. Well, I managed to drag myself to a doctor in the morning after flying in, got the diagnosis, and have been bedridden since, sucking down antibiotics four times a day (yummy!) It even hurts to type! :)

Darn, and I wanted to get back and throw myself into things -- especially OSFlash, Arp (and maybe even contributing to FC64, the cool new Commodore 64 Emulator project by Darron Schall and Claus Wahlers) and getting ready for FlashForward Austin.

I'm going to be taking it easy over the weekend so that I can hopefully start back up next week at 100%

It was great seeing the gang at FITC and meeting some very cool new people too (like having the honor of having lunch with the amazing Jennifer Shiman of Angry Alien Productions -- yes, of bunnies fame, no less!) :)