London MMUG: April 20th, 2006

The London MMUG will be holding its monthly meeting on the 20th of April and Tink's done a great job (as usual) of getting us a great guest speaker for the event.

The first session will be on Developing Flash Components and will be presented by Mike Jones of Flashgen fame.

The second session, titled "A Round Trip with FileReference", will be presented by none other than our very own Tenacious Tinkerer of all Things Technological, the Tireless Troubadour that is Mr.Tink himself.

Sadly, I am going to miss this great meeting as I will be in Canada for FITC but you don't have to. Not unless you forget to sign up for it, that is. Which you should do straight away... yes, *before* feeding the cat Mrs. Jenkins -- where *are* your priorities? :)