Open Source Flash Case Study for

Open Source Flash case study: PlaceAd RIAAndrew Edwards just posted a case study on his team's experience in using open source Flash tools as part of their development process on the PlaceAd RIA for last year.

In the study, Edwards mentions how their use of open source tools saved them over 110 hours in compile time and allowed them to integrate better with their overall .Net development process. He also relates how it resulted in fewer bugs, "better code" and a "better development environment".

Andrew and his team were using the FAMES system, which is not fully open source. In the case study he recommends that developers today use the fully open-source AMES system instead (a call that I support fully!) :) You can find out more information on AMES and other open source Flash projects from

Although Andrew doesn't mention it in his case study, there is also a new solution emerging for using the Flash IDE as your primary development tool while reaping the benefits of a faster compile time and improved workflow. The two recently released open source projects that make this possible are John Grden's Flasc, for compiling in the Flash IDE using MTASC and Xavi Beumala's Alf (Advanced Library for Flash), a library panel extension that allows for filter-as-you-type and the editing of multiple symbol properties. This Alf + Flash IDE + Flasc suite (AFF) allows you to stay in the Flash IDE and yet take advantage of the workflow improvements provided by MTASC and Alf. Add to this setup the non-open source (but non-the-less excellent) gProject by Grant Skinner and you may just GAFF your next project in your favor :)

Read the full text of Andrew's case study here.