My FlashForward Sessions

I held a day-long workshop -– an ever-so-slightly modified version of my Hot Shots: Foundations of Object-Oriented ActionScript 2 course -- on Day 0 of FlashForward Seattle 2006 and it was a real blast. The room was overflowing – I believe we had over 200 attendees (apparently I'll be getting a bigger room next time!)

The response to the course has been great and it was definitely very exciting to be teaching it in the excellent venue we have this year at the Washington Convention Center.

Yesterday, I gave a talk titled the Open Source Flash Revolution – in which I spoke about OSFlash and gave both an overview of the various open source Flash projects that are available as well as demonstrations of some of the most popular ones.

Specifically, I showed the audience how to setup and use MTASC and Swfmill, initially starting with the command line and then moving on to a simple AME system (ASDT + Ant + MTASC + Eclipse.) From there I demonstrated a fully open-source AMES suite (ASDT + Ant, MTASC, Eclipse and Swfmill) as well as a FAME system (FlashIDE + ASDT + Ant + MTASC + Eclipse -- yes, I'm changing the definition here as Flashout is so yesteryear and quite irrelevant -- don't shoot me Jesse!)

After the full-day workshop, my Open Source talk appeared to breeze by in a heartbeat!

I loved every minute of both sessions and, from the feedback I've been getting, so did the audience! Thanks, guys!